Post-Kuasa conference photos

The day after the Kuasa Conference student workshops concluded, many of us were invited to attend the tDA (the Design Alliance’s meeting held at the Royal Selangor’s showroom.

It was a photo opportunity for me, to take some photos with some of these top class designers from all over.

Sadly, Sudhir and Little Ong were not among the crowd. My consolation was that we had lunch with Sudhir the day before.

I also missed the chance to have a photo with Kan Tai Keung, William Harold-Wong and some others.

Royal Selangor’s showroom and visitor centre is one that I will definitely recommend to any visitor, foreign and domestic. I  would even want to have lunch there. The food is nice, and the environment is really great for client meetings, while having tea and cake. Yumm.

Ahn Sang-soo and me. At the Royal Selangor showroom.

Ahn has this style … holding up his hand to cover the right side of his face.


From left: Freeman Lau (Hong Kong), myself and Pooi.


Here: Tarek Atrissi (Lebanon/The Netherlands) and myself.