Mac mini looks real tempting
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Humble looking but good enough for work eh?
I think the Mac mini is the most understated of the macs… Such a dimunitive little machine. As powerful as a little MacBook, which is the main machine for many professionals out there (you know I’m talking to you) so why not consider it seriously as a production machine?
Of course the iMac is much better, but who can beat the price if you already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse lying around?
I’m getting one. Seriously.

Gave in to Nokia
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In my last post, I wrote about needing to replace my old SE Z600 with the iPhone. But the wait was too much. A friend lent me his HTC TYTN 2 for a while, and it was really nice of him. Except that the phone could do almost everything, but was low on battery power for its capabilities. It was a bit bulky too… and heavy. It’ll pull my pants down.

Relying totally on the slideout qwerty keyboard for messages was quite painful, even when I got used to it. Slow, I could not send text messages quickly enough before the traffic light changed colour… shame on you Microsoft.

So I gave in to Nokia. After much research, I found the perfect little phone, for my budget (while I still wait for the iPhone, say what you want..). It was the discontinued Nokia e51. It’s a dimunitive phone, with very plain looks. But under all that plain jane look, it’s amazing features and capabilities are great.

It’s got UMTS (HSDPA speeds)
QVGA screen
160MB built in memory, and I got a 1GB card installed.

all for about RM1000.

Since I don’t play much music ( I like to work in a quiet ambience)
I don’t consume movies on the go
I don’t need a super camera (got a slr for that)
shrinking pocket space

That package was perfect.

I’ll post more later. Got to go for an appointment now.

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