New widescreen monitor for the studio.

I know… my MacBook’s 13.3 in screen is a bit small.

And I have always wanted the Apple 22in Cinema display. Of course, now they have the 30″ HD Display.

If I could, I would. Large screens help with productivity. Hence, when Dell’s monitors went so low in price, I decided to get one.

Dell widescreen monitor

Yes! Great screen estate!

I know it’s not the best, but it meets my needs now and the price is hard to beat!

Now I got even more reason to go work at my studio.

Maxis BroadBand Modem for mobile users

I just got my modem yesterday.

After reviewing Celcom and Maxis’s plans, as well as another company’s apparent 4G plans, I decided to go for the Maxis one.

The USB modem package for 18months is RM138 per month. It includes the use of a Huawei E220 3.5G (HSDPA) Modem capable of 3.6Mbps. The modem outright will cost RM1,338 or so. I found some on the net selling for RM940. But that’s a really expensive investment.

I took the LRT to KLCC Suria and went to the Maxis Centre there. Service was great. I got everything done under an hour. And was surfing at the Maxis Centre itself. I could not wait to test it out. It worked well with a minor driver installation and the software worked without a hitch on my MacBook.

Update: 13/11/2007

Celcom’s package starts at RM68. However, it DOES NOT come with the necessary modem. A PCMCIA card type modem would start somewhere at RM350 and the Huawei E220 USB modem is said to cost about RM1,300+. 

Since I am not willing to shell out that 1K for the modem, I went with Maxis… (and other reasons for not choosing Celcom)

The package that it comes in is like a DVD albeit a little thicker.

Modem 1
The package. Very neat.

Modem 2
Opening the pack. You get the modem inside with the CD ROM of instructions and a Mac OS driver and Dialing App.(Note, that’s my precious MacBook underneat, with the sleep light pulsating.

Modem 3
See the entire contents. It’s got an installation CD for Mac OS X, the modem, that takes in a SIM card. A USB cable. Another USB cable for additional power. A 3G SIM card, and a double-side foam sticker for attaching your modem to your PC or Laptop computer (if you want it permanently attached.)

Neat. Below is a screenshot of a test I did at a spot in Brickfields yesterday. It went up later, to about 800k+.

Modem 4