NetSarius Website is almost ready

The NetSarius website is now sitting on the test site in now2source server.

Pages already up (as of 5:55pm, 16-Jan-2007) are the home page, About Us, Contact Us, CSS file, Web Hosting Packages.

Eathan is going to link the portfolio pages and probably fix up their interface too.

While this is up, we can look at ways to improve it.

You were saying something about subdomain, so, let me know how you want the links done.


Apple iPhone (or soon to be renamed)

Apple iPhone

Excitement over this announcement really spread around the world faster than light!

Apple’s newly announced Apple iPhone will be only available in the US (via Cingular) in June.

Release date for Asia is sometime in 2008.

It runs OS X, integrates the iPod, mobile phone, full wireless web surfing, multi-touch screen and is ultra-cool.

I want one.