The Power of Asia!
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The time for Design Power Asia!

With the conference just a month and a half away, everyone in the committee is working hard to get everything just right. A wREGA design conference, featuring the best design minds in asia will be held on the 8th and 9th of August.

Titled : Kuasa, Design Power Asia.

More info in the Conference website.

(KUASA Reka Bentuk Asia)
wREGA Design Conference
Sat 8 - Sun 9 August 2009

Power Up Asia!
The 2009 roundup of conference speakers is all about the new big voice of Asian design. Asian designers are drumming up worldwide attention, and we are bringing it home with a lineup of megawatt design icons and design powerhouses from all over the region.
KUASA Design Power Asia will be a 1.5 day experience, energized with a Conference, Interactive Installation Art Night and Student Workshops. Connect with the best design minds in Asia. Spark new design friendships and alliances. Make contact with ideas that will resonate with the designer in you.

Not for Spectators Only

Come to the conference and be prepared to plug in with your thoughts. The conference is here to ignite new design routes, with Q&A sessions and workshops built in to each event. We expect magic to happen.”

Speakers Line up

Ahn Sang-soo
Hongik University, Ahn Graphics
Seoul, South Korea

Tarek Atrissi
Tarek Atrissi Design, The Netherlands

Hermawan Tanzil
LeBoYe, Jakarta, Indonesia

Hermawan Tanzil
LeBoYe, Jakarta, Indonesia

Little Ong
fFurious, Singapore

Sudhir Sharma
Design Consultant Pune, India

Freeman Lau Siu Hong
KAN & LAU Design Consultants Hong Kong / China Hope to see you there!

A logo is not a brand
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That line is quoted from The Brand Gap.
…unless it is on a cow.

A logo is sometimes compared to a signature. It is a mark of someone, an organisation, a group, a product or service or a brand.

So what is a brand?

The thing about brands, is that they are all around us and the influence cannot be underestimated.
I subscribe to the notion that a brand is a collection of values. It is much related to belief and the emotional involvement. A brand involves a person to the depths of their minds and hearts. To an extreme extent, it can be related to the way we relate to religion.
(I’m a little tired today, so I’ll continue this article when I am more coherent)

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